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😊   by @tonibmusic “Many thanks again @curiouswiji! I’m loving my new installment.” via @PhotoRepost_app #tattoos
Tattooed my baby girl @tonibmusic today! ❤️ You have to listen to her music, if you haven’t yet! #tattoos #compass
Added onto Martin’s existing Chinese tattoo today. :) #tattoos
Had a fun time tattooing this happy seahorse on Christine! Thanks for the additional entertainment, too, @tonibmusic ! :) #tattoos #watercolor #watercolortattoo #seahorse
Thanks for the heads up @francesbeanp! Omg this made my day even better @ingridmichaelson reblogged the tattoo I did on her tumblr. Heehee 😊
First pass on @elyonism ‘s cover-up tattoo. Thanks for being a trooper—and for ‘educating’ me on stuff today haha! #tattoos #coveruptattoos
Dinner: veggie chicken rice topping with veggie floss. Hihi

Any death metal bands out there looking for a vocalist?

Puiji the pillow-stealer. #frenchies
Cancelled a tattoo appointment today due to fluctuating electricity—that situation just isn’t good for tattooing. Was able to start on a new piece instead. #wip #illustration #watercolor