The Curious Studio

illustration, design, tattoos and other stuff from la union to makati.

Had good fun tattooing this on Francesca. It’s a modified version of a @furrylittlepeach illustration. :) #tattoos
Painting the Parisian cityscape while watching Surf’s Up on Disney.

This will be fun to tattoo.

This will be fun to tattoo. TheCuriousStudio

Hey whatdya know I’m in the latest Clavel issue!
First pass on Jay’s geisha right next to my sensei @dyuntats masterpiece! Eep! Pressure! Haha 😁 Can’t wait to finish this one next time! #tattoo #tattoos #geisha
Dinner: sweet and sour veggie “pork” with corn, mushrooms and pineapples.
Score! The Tattoo Colouring Book. 😍 heehee
Just finished Lexi’s scar cover-up tattoo! #turtle #tattoo #coveruptattoo